About me

About me

EDUCATION 2013- Art Academy of Veliko Turnovo St. Cyril and St. Methodius ,Magister Painting

Artist's Statement

2009 - Yearly Student Exhibition 2010 – Yearly Student Exhibition 2011- Yearly Student Exhibition
2010 - Tutrakan. Impression from Tutrakan
2010 - Veliko Turnovo . Yanaki Manasiev gallery. Impression from Tutrakan.
2011 - Veliko Turnovo. Yanaki Manasiev gallery. Folklore festival.
2013 - Veliko Turnovo. Raphael Mihailov gallery. "Spring feeling".
2015 - Sofia, Gallery-museum Classic- Collector's month- Old masters and contemporary painting 
2015 - Sofia, Gallery-museum Classic- SOLO Exhibition- "The Landscape"
2016 - Sofia, Gallery-museum Classic- "Before we evanesce in summer."
2016 -  Sofia,Gallery-museum Classic- "Classical and contemporary art"
2016 - Sofia,Gallery-museum Classic- 25 years gallery Classic
2017 - Sofia, BNP Paribas - SOLO Exhibition "NEPAL- my first step to the East"
2018 - Sofia Gallery Europe - SOLO Exhibition "Folklore compositions.Tradition and mysticism ."
2018 - Sofia Gallery-museum Classic - Group exhibition "The Portrait-way to yourself and to the others."
2020 - Plovdiv Vazrazdane Gallery - SOLO Exhibition " Rodopian Dreams"

Kostadin Jikov is a talented professional Bulgarian fine art painter whose career is on the rise. Although he is an admirer of the classic mastery which goes beyond time, the young author has managed to find his own modern artistic language; he has developed his own cotemporary artistic imprint. “As an artist, I am very excited about the inner life, the spiritual, what is beyond” – he states. Truly, his search for the invisible, genuine essence of life is evident in his work.

Kostadin paints a variety of subject matters; however his landscapes exemplify his signature style. Inspired by the majesty of nature, his unique artworks are not simply pictorial depictions of particular places but a product of the painter’s state of mind. That world which is seen only with the heart. His landscapes come from deep inside and connect the artist to something bigger, beyond himself. “Precious memories from my childhood and the summers spent in my grandfather’s village, nestled between the Rhodopes mountains and Pirin, are imprinted in my soul.” – Kostadin confesses. “I somehow feel this rural way of life echoing in space and floating like a song.” The talented artist conveys the deep connectivity he feels to nature and pastoral lifestyle; the viewers are immersed in his emotional reality. Therefore his paintings appear both familiar and imaginary; the landscapes tell a story of accumulated memories, reveries and impressions, making them lyrical and poetic in content.